About Health Horizons

Health Horizons is a high calibre, two-day conference focusing on the future of the healthcare industry.

Over the previous 20 years we have seen a significant change in the healthcare industry. Small molecules have been pushed out of the blockbuster limelight by biologics. Decreasing sequencing cost has allowed more targeted R&D and the use of increasingly interdisciplinary data to influence prognosis has become standard practice. All of this points to a healthcare future with an increasingly personalized approach. But how will this future come together?

We are on the brink of a technological revolution in healthcare where data collected from all different sources will influence the way we view, prevent and cure disease. This approach aims to master the curative means of disease treatment and extend it’s branches into preventive and longevity based means. The constant monitoring from cradle to grave will give insights into how we should live our lives, how we should eat and even determine where we shall live.

The drastic shift in focus expected in the coming years leave many questions about current business models unanswered. Will the ‘old’ models of the small molecule giants suffice when used on biologics? How will precision medicine and patient stratification affect the pricing and affordability of treatment? How will data companies benefit from the pricing turmoil and how big a part will they play in the future of healthcare?

The questions are on the near horizon and we aim to address these in the Health Horizons conference 2019.

Who should attend?

  • CEOs of innovative biotech and healthcare companies
  • CEOs of large multinationals
  • Heads of R&D
  • Start-up founder
  • Academic researchers
  • Medical doctors
  • Directors of innovation at public and private healthcare companies
  • Chief innovation officers
  • Investors – seed, series A-B


  • Novel therapeutic approaches (viruses, RNA, gene & cell therapy, tissue replacement)
  • Digital health, AI and data in healthcare
  • Cardiometabolic disease
  • Longevity
  • New models for funding healthcare innovation
  • Future solutions in CNS
  • Nanotechnology and sensing in healthcare
  • Delivering affordable innovative medicines to patients
  • Co-creation between disciplines and stakeholders
  • Breakthroughs against the incurables
  • Holistic approach to medicine
  • How to revolutionise clinical trials
  • Future of oncology
  • Rare disease

Health Horizons aims to deliver 1,500 attendees, 100+ speakers and numerous partners for you to access, plus the opportunity to discuss the most pertinent challenges to the health ecosystems with experts in their respective fields.

Can you afford to miss out?

Join us at Health Horizons – Future Healthcare Forum Where today’s and tomorrow’s leaders meet