Dr. Steven M.

Managing Director-Healthcare Ventures, Ziff Capital Partners


Dr. Steven M. Altschuler currently serves as Managing Director-Healthcare Ventures at Ziff Capital Partners and Chair, Board of Directors of Spark Therapeutics. At Ziff Capital Partners, he leads firm’s effort to start up new companies at the intersection of machine learning and cellular and molecular sciences with the goal of democratizing and the enhancing the availability of novel diagnostics and therapies worldwide. He developed this expertise while cofounding Spark Therapeutics to develop and commercialize the preclinical and clinical gene therapy programs advanced at CHOP and other institutions. He has been the company’s board chair since its founding, and helped lead its successful transition to a public company and the first ever approval by both the FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) for a gene therapy (LUXTURNA) for an inherited genetic disease (RPE65-associated inherited blindness) in 2017-18. Spark Therapeutics is in the process of being acquired by Roche for $4.8B.

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