Director, Barclays Ventures


Ana Perales is a Director in Barclays Ventures, a team created in 2018 focused on developing new business lines, promoting innovation and driving returns within Barclays.

Having worked in Barclays for 7 years on a number of roles, from operations to product development, she joined Moneysupermarket in 2010 to gather first-hand experience of a digital business. She returned to Barclays in 2011 and in the past 5 years her focus has been on the role that Artificial Intelligence will have on the business, the economy and society as a whole. She is passionate about communicating what AI can do today, its potential unintended consequences and the importance of designing and deploying it responsibly.

Her priority is on upskilling, inspiring and connecting people and communities on AI. A significant area of focus to date has been to ensure that Barclays has clear governance principles for the application of AI systems.

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