,Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, Turbine


As a medical doctor specialized in cancer research, Daniel translates computational results from Turbine’s proprietary Simulated Cells into clinical interpretations, indispensable to designing innovative and durable treatments against cancer. Daniel’s main responsibility is understanding the scientific and medical challenges facing partners in biopharma, then guiding teams of biologists, translational and data scientists to generate novel findings that can accelerate better treatments to patients.
Prior to co-founding Turbine, Daniel’s academic research focused on the spatial organization of cancer signaling and protein-protein interaction networks, and their role in the systems level understanding of cancer initiation and progression. Daniel graduated as a medical doctor at Semmelweis University, Hungary, finishing his PhD in the field of cancer signaling and network biology. He has been an active member of LINK-Group – a multidisciplinary research group of complex systems, network topology and dynamics – since 2009.

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