Dr. Susanne

Consumer Products safety, European Commission


Dr. Susanne Bremer, obtained her Ph.D. from the Free University Berlin in Germany for her work on T-cell reactions against autologous leukaemia cells. After post-doctoral research at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Germany, S. Bremer joined the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in 1995. Since then she is working at the science-policy interface focusing on the development, validation and regulatory acceptance of in vitro tests used for decision making in the regulatory frameworks of cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. S. Bremer was involved in the establishment of the European Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL-ECVAM) where she focussed on the validation of in vitro tests detecting endocrine active substances as well as on the development of in vitro toxicity tests based on murine/ human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells. S Bremer represented the Joint Research Centre in a number of European and international working groups at e.g. the OECD as well as in the working group “Nanomedicine” of the International Pharmaceutical Regulators Programme. In addition, she acted as principle investigator in a number of EC funded European Research projects that she liaised with the regulatory community. Currently, she is responsible for a laboratory assessing the interaction of nanomaterials including nanoplastics with biological systems which is part of the JRC’s open Nanobiosciences Laboratory.

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