Dr. Vishal

Venture Capital Investor


Dr. Vishal Gulati is a venture capital investor focusing on the convergence of healthcare/biology with internet, AI, and engineering. Vishal has led Draper Esprit’s investments into some of Europe’s leading companies in these sectors including Clue, PushDr, Lifesum, Ieso Digital Health, Fluidic Analytics, and Evonetix. He is also an investor in Kheiron Medical, Repositive, Mimi Hearing Technologies, Quit Genius, MyRecovery, Closed Loop Medicine, Turbine and Project Sapien.
In addition to Vishal’s role at Draper Esprit, he is an independent director on the board of two publicly listed companies, Horizon Discovery (Cambridge) and Sensyne Health (Oxford) and is chairman of Digital Health Forum and serves on Innovate UK’s Major Award Committee. Vishal also mentors first time founders who are leaving academic careers to start technology businesses.
Prior to this Vishal worked at Atlas Venture, The Wellcome Trust and Radiant Capital. Vishal received his postgraduate medical training at centres including the Nuffield Department of Medicine (Oxford) and Department of Medicine (St Mary’s Hospital, London) as a Rhodes Scholar.

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