D.Phil. MBA, Head of Emerging Innovations


Hitesh received his degree and PhD (D.Phil) from Oxford University in chemistry and subsequently held a postdoctoral research position at Florida State University. He joined AstraZeneca as a Medicinal Chemist conducting research within respiratory & inflammation related disease areas and has led teams to successful milestone transitions in all phases of drug discovery. He then moved on to become a candidate drug project leader/Associate Director in 2009 and led the first AstraZeneca regenerative medicine and outsourced DMTA project. He has led alliance collaborations in ophthalmology and dermatology and been repositioning drugs since 2011 in ‘New Opportunities IMED’ and in Emerging Innovations. He currently leads the ‘Emerging innovations’ group. The group is involved in four main activities; execution of the open innovation strategy, externalisation and internalisation of repurposed assets. Promotion of entrepreneurial activity within and outside of AZ and bringing emerging innovations into AZ. He also recently obtained an MBA from Cambridge University.

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