Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, HairClone


Paul is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HairClone, a cell therapy Company developing cell based treatments for androgenic alopecia. Paul has over 30 years’ experience in the US and UK in the commercialisation of various Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy products in both public and private Companies. He was the lead inventor on patents for Apligraf the first multi-cell therapy approved by the FDA which has treated hundreds of thousands of patients in the US with chronic ulcers. Paul was the sole founder of Inter-cytex Ltd. where he served as CEO for the first 5 years. During this period Intercytex de-veloped several products that reached the clinic, including Vavelta which was commer-cially available and being used for the correction of Rhytids, scar contractures and dys-trophic epidermolysis bullosa before the EU’s ATMP regulations came into force. Inter-cytex also carried out the world’s first cell therapy clinical trial to induce new hair for-mation. Paul has sat on a variety of panels, grant funding bodies and regulatory commit-tees. He is co-editor of the Journal of Regenerative Medicine, a co-Director of the Doctoral Training Centre in Regenerative Medicine at Manchester University and Industrial Director of Regener8.

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