Team Leader at AstraZeneca in Advanced Drug Delivery


Sanya is a drug delivery scientist with a Pharmacy degree. She received her PhD in novel functionalized polymers for nanoparticle formulations from University of Nottingham, UK in 2007. She joined AstraZeneca in 2008 as a senior scientist. During this tenure, including as an Associate Principal Scientist from 2013, she has been involved in several key external new modality and advanced drug delivery collaborations with AZ such as Star Pharma, Bind, Ionis, and Moderna providing drug delivery technical, strategic and operational support to several products ranging from polymeric nanoparticles, dendrimers, lipid nanoparticles and other intracellular nucleic acid delivery systems. Most recently since 2017 as a Team Leader in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cambridge UK she is driving CMC nano-medicine critical quality attributes along with scale up and regulatory advocacy to transition these into the clinic. She also serves as the CMC lead on AZ’s therapeutic genome editing team and associated projects.

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