VP, Head of Genome Analytics & Informatics, AstraZeneca Centre for Genomics Research (CGR)


Slavé is a human & statistical geneticist by training with over 10 years’ experience leading large-scale human genomics studies. In this time, Slavé has contributed to shaping the field of contemporary population and statistical genomics, including adopting machine learning & advanced analytics to identify numerous drug targets across a diverse range of therapeutic areas.
At AstraZeneca, Slavé leads the CGR Genome Analytics and Informatics (A&I) organisation where he’s responsible for architecting and driving the company’s Genomics Initiative A&I strategies. He has built in-house expertise across five key domains: Systems Design & Development, Robust Bioinformatic Pipelines, Statistical Genetics, Innovative Methods Development, and Applied Genome Analytics to large-scale cohorts, including studies of sequences from over 170,000 participants in AstraZeneca’s Genomics Initiative Data Store.

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